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Author Topic: FE Fausto Emulator Keyfile  (Read 455 times)

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FE Fausto Emulator Keyfile
« on: November 05, 2012, 04:26:53 PM »
Update 05.11.12
__________________________________________________ __________________________________

Latest Keys:

-Caid:0604 Provider:000000 -Bulsatcom/Polaris (39.0°E) key 02 (04.11.12)
-Caid:0100 Provider:000030 -Rai (13.0°E) next key 0C (01.11.12)
-...others keys updated
__________________________________________________ __________________________________

This KEYS.BIN file can be successfully used with Fausto v1.45 Emulator
and the following supports:
-Ethernet (for Linux Boxes, Diablo Wi-Fi Cam, DVB Plugins, ...)
-SSSP/HSIC/TM Share/PC CSC ECM/HomeShare (Serial/rs232 Connection to a Receiver)
-Season Interface (for various types of Cams or Internal Box Readers)
-Diablo Wireless Cam (in addition to Base Unit)

Cards Client supported by Fausto v1.45:
CCCam (TCP), Gbox (UDP), Newcamd (TCP), RadeGast (TCP), Camd35 (UDP cs357x),
Camd35 (TCP cs378x), Camd33 (TCP), Gbox Listener (localhost only, default ports),
Twin Protocol (Serial).

Cards Server supported by Fausto v1.45:
Newcamd (TCP) & EMM Support, RadeGast (TCP), Camd35 (UDP cs357x),
Camd35 (TCP cs378x), Camd33 (TCP).

-In Utility/How to Cfgs Lines.txt:
*Lines for to add newcamd client connection (Var/Etc/CCCam.cfg)
*Lines Fausto Servers (Server/Configuration/Open for edit FaustoServers.cfg)
Remember that for open channels need correct lines in CCCam.cfg,
FaustoServers.cfg, and active keys in Key.bin (this update is
an example of correct ha$$$haking).

All Fausto info/tutorials can be download with application Fausto_Archive_01
inside Utility folder.

__________________________________________________ __________________________________

(C)MASARE Team-Saoud007-snakie
(C)FullDump TM
Great project in sat scene, respect.

-Thanks to all the capturers of keys and all the
boys that work for our fun.

-Thanks to all Teams and Forums for the constant job.


Thanks ArBaBe

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