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Fausto v1.42
« on: January 21, 2010, 02:43:10 AM »
Fausto v1.42

(C)MASARE Team-Saoud007
(C)FullDump TM
Special thanks to s62,Snakie,Bordan,Rekordc & KarraKarra


Installation: not needed to uninstall previous version, just run Fausto V1.XX setup.exe

Fausto Emulator compatibilities:
*XML file to be compatible with Fausto Emulator MUST include cryptoworks Cardkey (06)
This keys used in internal by diablo cam emu
If the CardKey (06) not include you'll can't decode cryptoworks with Fausto Emulator
CardKey (06) added on Keys.bin has no effect under diablo cam emulator
*Include Betacrypt Tuneled Nagra 2 Providers
*Include ECM IV & ECM Seed keys under Irdeto2 Coding System

CS Cards Client supported:
Newcamd (TCP)
RadeGast (TCP)
Camd35 (UDP cs357x)
Camd35 (TCP cs378x)
Camd33 (TCP)
Gbox client (localhost only, default ports)

CS Cards server supported:
Newcamd (TCP) & EMM Support
RadeGast (TCP)
Camd35 (UDP cs357x)
Camd35 (TCP cs378x)
Camd33 (TCP)

- Ethernet (linux box, diablo wifi,...)
- Box Serial Connection (SSSP/HSIC/TM SHARE)
- Season Interface (Cams/box Readers)
- Diablo Wireless (base unit)

Main Functions:
- Emulator
- Logger
- Net client
- Card server
- Cards support
- DVB Plugins (without pctv card)

Version 1.42 (20/01/2010)

-Card Support
*Added card Nagravision 2/3
BoxKey,Rsa Modulus & IRD Stored on file Cards.ini
*Added TNTSat card support (tntsat preliminary support / please report on board for results)
AESKey required must be set on file cards.ini

- Emulator
Added Viaccess 2.6 (SCT/MCT, BIS TV, ART-JSC Sport) support on Fausto internal emulator (no keys to set), no dvb plugins required

Special Thanks to:
JKF Intersat Forum for all support give to our tools.
All guys for language files & translation:
MagicTrance, superseeder, sYgNaL, mcolaciuri, Seti72, Alaancee, Jogo1967, GarField57, Claudio_LDN, S62, Professor Moriarty, Twister, Stauffie, Anunaki.


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Re: Fausto v1.42
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 dirtbike hasta el final...

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Re: Fausto v1.42
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Quote from: abdurrahmanelt
dirtbike hasta el final...

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