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0.9.0 - rc6
« on: April 25, 2013, 07:01:32 AM »
Cardservproxy changelog:

0.9.0 - RC6 (see README.0.9.0.txt for conceptual changes and tips)

- Fixed: The included $$$$$Connector plugin in 0.8.13 was an older version.
- Fixed: Extra http auth login was required for accessing plugin webs (bug introduced in 0.8.13).
- Fixed: Probing of connectors with unknown status wasn't done when cache hits occured.
- Fixed: No longer possible to create multiple profiles where both ca-id and network-id are the same.
- Fixed: Anonymized (non-au) newcamd card-data can no longer end up with user id 1 (this confused some clients).
- Fixed: Disabling a profile now automatically disables any connectors that explicitly references it.
- Fixed: Enigma services file parsing now uses comma separated filter strings, to allow names with spaces.
- Fixed: No longer possible to set the same user as au-user for multiple cards within the same profile.
- Fixed: Initial web startup is now delayed until after there is a usermanager available.
- Fixed: CCcam.channelinfo parsing errors (some of them).
- Fixed: Potentially serious and long standing ClusteredCache bug that caused sporadic io errors when sync-period > 0.
- Changed: Now possible to configure max-cache-wait both as a fixed time value (as before) and as a percentage of
  the max-cw-wait for the request. I.e if set to the string "50%", requests for a profile with 9000 ms max-cw-wait would
  end up with a max-cache-wait of 4500 ms, while requests for another profile with 650 ms would get 325 ms.
- Changed: Adding manual can-decode/cannot-decode services to a connector will now also update any previously
  automapped data to prevent conflicting/overlapping information (so no need to clear maps after manual changes).
- Changed: Network-id is now used in enigma services file parsing only when no provider string filter is set.
- Changed: All time fields in the config can now be specified in minutes/secs/millisecs by adding a suffix (m, s, ms).
  If no suffix is added, the old default for the field will be assumed (so configs/docs remain compatible).
- Changed: Added and updated defaults in the generated proxy.xml template to make more sense with the current version.
- Changed: ClusteredCache sync-period is now used even in receive-only mode (without peers). This can allow you to
  significantly increase cache hits at the expense of ecm transaction time. ClusteredCache is now used by default.
- Added: Services parser for dvbviewer exports (ini files). The filter string is matched against the "Root" key if set.
- Added: Services parser for neutrino services.xml.
- Added: Timed ecm blacklist per connector, to avoid forwarding the same ecm several times to a connector that can't
  handle it (mainly when there is no sid to go by in the request). Entries will be kept for 3*max-cw-wait.
- Added: Slightly better awareness of satellite concepts like provider-idents and other ca-system-specific artefacts.
  This includes extending the service mapper with an additional custom-id/cid (besides sid) for systems like $$$$$$.
  For some systems this will include provider-ident as a factor in the mapping (with require-provider-match for profile).
- Changed: Max-connections changed to a per-profile value, to handle the satellite scenario of the same user connecting
  to multiple profiles. I.e now max-connections 1 means the user is allowed 1 connection in every profile they have.
  NOTE: This means if you change the value or add ports to a profile, you may have to kick users before it takes effect.


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