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Author Topic: Difference between satellite television and cable television  (Read 537 times)

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As usual, television signal can be regarded from satellite and cable, these two ki$$$ of services both can make you enjoy a wide variety of digital programming, but what is the difference between satellite television and cable television?

for the location, In brief, Satellite television is to receive the channels from the satellite; about cable television, to receive the channels from copper or fiber optic cables  approved by government., actually, one satellite can cover the whole country, so it is not difficult to receive the channels from satellite, but for the cable, it is more or less restricted to urban and metropolitan areas.

for the equipment, With cable, you'll only need a cable receiver and a cable connection. With satellite, you need a satellite receiver and you'll also need a dish receiver, which will need an unobstructed view of the southern sky.

for the Reliability, with satellite, It is more prone to disruptions based on weather, such as lightning and storms; digital cable reception is not typically affected by obstacles or severe weather, te$$$ to remain more stable.

for the application, with satellite, you just only to see the channels, include pay-per-view broadcasts of movies, concerts and sporting events, as well as HDTV and DVR services. With Cable, also offer similar channel packages, pay-per-view and on-demand options, HDTV and DVR availability. But cable can offer digital phone and high-speed Internet services, but the satellite can’t.

all above information, based on my knowledge about the satellite & cable receiver (dreamboxmax.com), if you have the different opinion, you can put forward, then share with us your opinion?
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